Who is ACS

Air Cleaning Systems, Inc. BBB Business Review Air Cleaning Systems commercial air filters

Our Mission Since 1986

Air Cleaning Systems is a full service master distributor of air filtration, ventilation and dust collection equipment in business since 1986.

We value each customer and treat them as we would want to be treated. Our goals are to help protect workers while performing their production duties and help contribute to a pollution free indoor and outdoor environment.

We offer onsite consultation, evaluations of existing systems, engineered solutions and replacement filters for most types and styles of filtration equipment.

Product Importance

Regardless of the welding equipment type or technology, the simple process of melting metal creates poisonous fumes and gases. Air Cleaning Systems Inc. supplies:

Our focus is safe, clean indoor air for workers and vented air to the outdoors to be environmentally safe.

Keep Workers Safe
& Healthy!
Protect them from Welding Fumes and Dangerous Dust

Awareness of a safe workplace is more important now than ever before

Companies are obliged by law to keep welding fumes and grinding dust below certain exposure limits to keep workers safe.

Welding smoke and dust are dangerous to people's health and it should be reduced and/or extracted from the source where fumes and dust are created.

We offer various solutions for the extraction of welding fumes including: