Industrial Air Cleaners are used for many different processes.
Let us help you get the right Air Cleaner for your application
for your workers health and safety

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There are as many different configurations of Industrial Air Cleaners as the many processes they are used for. Some require self-cleaning dust collectors, others need media style air cleaners with replaceable filters.
Let Air Cleaning Systems help you get the right product for your job or application.

Back-Wall Blow-Off Station

Self-Cleaning Dust Collector

EDM Fume Removal

Manufacturing Facilities

Ambient Industrial Air Cleaners can greatly enhance source-capture methods

Machine shops, welding manufacturing, fiberglass processing, rubber manufacturing, auto body-shops, warehousing, foundries, vocational schools, woodworking and furniture manufacturing are all places where workers, students, teachers and support staff need protection.
Ambient air cleaners can greatly enhance source-capture methods for industry and help collect pollutants that in the old days were blown outside.

Overhead Factory Air Cleaners

CNC Machining Operations

Collection of Oil / Water Coolant Mist

Welding Fab Shops

Industrial Air Cleaner sales, service and installation

Industrial Air Cleaners

Solutions for all industries

Air Cleaning Systems can design, install and maintain an air filtering system in your facility. We have over 30 years experience providing solutions for keeping the air clean in your manufacturing environment.

We provide filtering systems for water-soluable and oil-based coolant mist collection, over-spray collection, grinding dust and smoke-fume collection for the machining industry.

We provide Industrial Air Filtering Systems for:

  • Welding Operations
  • Dust Generating Processes
  • Mist and Vapor Collection
  • Industrial Grinding Operations
  • Fiberglass Sanding & Deburring
  • CNC Milling
  • EDM Milling
  • Powder Mixing
  • Horizontal & Vertical Surface Grinding
  • And Much More
  • Industrial Air Cleaner sales, service and installation