Large and Small Coolant-Mist Collection Systems

AEROEX units remove mist, smoke & bacteria and up to 90 – 95% of mist separated without filters.
It's unique permanent 2nd stage oil droplet agglomerate filter gets a life cycle greater than 10 years with 1st & 2nd separation stages included. Fluids readily drain to reduce evaporation and odors. Installation options are machine-mounting, central systems, ceiling hung or floor mounted.

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AEROEX Machine Mounted Coolant Mist Collection System

AEROEX Machine Mounted Mist Collection System

Remove Smoke, Fumes, Mist and Bacteria

Floor Mounted Mist Collection System

Industrial dmist collection equipment

Remove Dangerous Mist from the Air

Providing coolant mist and over-spray collection systems for large and small surface grinders.

Air Cleaning Systems will design and install a mist collection system to meet the needs of your grinding or other manufacturing processes.

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Uses of Mist Collection Systems:

  • Manufacturing Industries
  • CNC Machining
  • And Much More