Environment booths for paint spray and other large item work
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Environmental Booths for Safe Air

Where isolating the production process is required, booth-enclosures with many sizes and features are available.

Overhead Cranes can also be accomodated with our slotted-ceiling Environmental Booth designs!

Call 440-343-9275 today. ACS will design and install the right Environmental Booth you need to keep the air safe for your facility.

Environmental Booths Provide Solutions for:

  • Vocational Facilities
  • Manufacturing Industries
  • And Much More
  • 24' Wide Environmental Booth with Regain-Air and Open Top to Accommodate Cranes!

    Industrial and commercial dust collection booths for use with overhead cranes in factories

    This application is collecting copper dust from a grinding proccess.

    Along with self-cleaning cartridges, this "open top" Environmental Dust Collection Booth also has 99.97% HEPA second-stage filters.

    Industrial environmental dust and fume  collection booths for safe air in factories

    Environmental Booth Work Stations

    Industrial and commercial environmental booths in factories

    This not only protects them from harmful dust and fumes, but also support staff moving about in the production area.

    Safe, Independant Worker Protection

    Industrial environmental booths for welding

    Both the environmental booth and work-station provide a safer more independent work space for production workers.