Commercial down draft tables for welding, woodworking, grinding and fume collection
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Industrial & Commercial Downdraft Tables for Workers Health and Safety

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Air Cleaning Systems, Inc. supplies air cleaning equipment that protects workers and the environment. We offer many size downdraft-tables for solvent fumes, grinding dust and welding applications.

Environmental-booths and work-stations with back-draft systems are also used to protect shop-staff and keep employees safe from harmful dust and fumes.

Products such as these when properly applied keep workers safe while helping you comply with OSHA's and EPA regulations.

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Some of the applications for Downdraft Tables:

  • Welding Operations
  • Grinding Operations
  • Dust Generating Processes
  • Mist and Vapor Collection
  • Solvent Vapor Collection
  • Welding fumes and grinding dust can be hazardous to your health and well being. Why protect your eyes and feet, but not your lungs?

    Over-exposure to welding fumes and grinding dust is harmful to your health and pollutes your shop air where other staff workers are exposed. A good product used the wrong way does not serve you well. Call us today so we can help you get the right product for your application.

    Industrial dust collection from grinding dust